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Up Cycled

My up-cycled furniture falls into two main categories, furniture and items made from either;


  • Purely salvaged or reclaimed timber.

  • Or made from up-cycled objects


With both of these categories the major design factor is either the volume of timber available for reworking or the size of the object being up-cycled.


To create a piece of furniture from a discarded or vintage item requires careful thought regarding the intended purpose and it’s form, function the associated ergonomics, the materials to be used and in the case of a vintage item retaining the character of the item and the associated patina of age.


Making furniture from salvaged or reclaimed timber again requires careful design consideration, making sure the design can be constructed from the material available and that there is sufficient material and that it is of the appropriate quality.


When I’m designing up-cycled furniture I try to keep the design as simple as possible making sure it’s suitable to the meet the requirements of the form and function of the final piece.

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