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Limed Black Stained Brown Oak Bowl.jpg
Turned Bowls

I’m not a professional wood turner, but I get a great deal of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from turning and I love to see the natural qualities of the timbers exposed when I turn.


Whenever I turn a bowl I try to keep the overall design as simple and as organic as possible. Using flowing lines to expose and emphasise the timbers natural grain patterns, textures and colours. 


Subsequently burning and the application of coloured stains and liming further enhances the natural grain patterns and colours by making them even more prominent and pronounced.


As a matter of personal preference I predominately use sustainably sourced British timbers in my turning, particularly Oak, Ash, Elm and Spalted Beech and Birch which have particularly strong grain patterns and colours. 

Tappered Brown Oak Bowl.jpg
Shallow Spalted Ble Beech Bowl

Shallow spalted blue beech bowl

Limed Red Elm Bowl

Limed red elm bowl

Lime Black Oak Bowls

Limed black oak bowls

Green Elm Bowl

Green elm bowl

Blue Cherry Bowl

Blue cherry bowl

Blue Cherry Bowl

Blue cherry bowl

Limed Green Elm Bowl

Limed green elm bowl

Limed Blue Elm Bowl

Limed blue elm bowl

Limed Black Stained Brown Oak Bowl

Limed black stained bowl

Square Domed Black Oak Limed Bowl

Square Domed Black Oak Limed Bowl

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