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Old Key Wall Clock

There is something very soothing and restful about the measured ticking of a clock, even if it is fitted with a “modern battery operated quartz movement”


With my up-cycled wall clocks try to use salvaged or reclaimed timbers and a range of unusual materials and objects to create the numerals, whether this be old keys, cutlery or spirit bottle stoppers each character and quality which brings a uniqueness to the design. These are then applied to a timber back board which has been burnt, stained and colour washed to further high light and enhance the individuality of the numerals.


In my original designs as with all of my work I try to keep the overall design of the clock as simple as possible using the natural grain of the timber to be the focal point and using routed lines to represent the numerals. I then use a combination of burning and the application of stains to enhance the grain patterns and use strong contrasting colours to high light the numerals.

Stained wood wall clock
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